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best matcha green tea

Best Matcha Tea


Matcha has been consumed by Japanese people since 7th century. Samurai worriers and Buddhist monks, ancient Asian people are drinking this matcha strictly for the medicinal purposes. When you have stomachache and become ill, they were drinking tea for the cure back in the ancient time. For the last 20 years, the modern medical science proved why green teas are so healthy for you because of the high concentration of EGCG in the green tea. Because of the history, if you go to japan, and go to a temple or tea house, this matcha tea is the one been served in the tea ceremony. Our teas are certified organic by JONA and it is the ceremonial grade tea! The Haraki family has been growing the tea in the region for the last 700 years.

Back in Edo period (1600 – 1868) people were using matcha for diaper rash for babies. You can also apply Matcha topically for bug bites and skin rashes. Green tea helps to ease the histamine so skin rashes will subside really quickly. Simply add little bit of water to the powder to make a paste and apply onto the skin. It is a great anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, so you can apply to the face too. But make sure to apply to the small area first just in case if you are allergic to the camellia plants.

Green Teas (matcha and gyokuro) contains: vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, (B complexes), C, E, K, BETA carotene, amino acid, fibers and chlorophyll and active enzyme for healthier digestion. It is the live food, no chemical nor preservatives. A lot of people take matcha for the healthier multi vitamins intake. Unlike the tea bags and loose leaf form of green tea, Matcha and gyokuro teas are high side of alkaline so helps to keep healthy pH BALANCE in your body system. The perfect pH for human body is between 7.3 -8.0 pH especially in the blood stream and bone health. Certain parts of organs can be acidic in nature. If you can bring your body’s pH up to 8.0 or above in alkaline side, cancer cell cannot live in the high side of alkaline. Of course, you do not want to get too acidic or to high in alkaline either. Again, best pH for human body is between 7.3-8.0. Red tea also contains almost the same, (no vitamin K and lower side of alkaline).

Matcha tea for over all health, weight loss, and alkalizing agent. It is recommend to drink after each meal, 3 times a day.

Red teas are for aches and pains. It shows great result for arthritis if you drink it twice a day, after breakfast and lunch.

Gykuro is a great quick energy pick-upper in the afternoon. Instead of drink coffee, you drink gyokuro for 2 o’clock feeling.

For cancer patients or survivors, it is good to drink either matcha or gyokuro for maintaining the alkaline pH balance in the body system.

For people who wants to maintain the balanced weight or weight loss, lowering cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetics, matcha is recommended. Drink at least 2 water bottles (16oz per bottle so 32 oz a day) for weight loss, and 3 times after each meal for cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetics. Again make sure to drink it after the meal not on an empty stomach. The reason why people don’t want to drink matcha tea on an empty stomach is due to the high concentrations of vitamin C in the Matcha powder. It contains 5 times higher concentration of vitamin C than a lemon, so it might give you an stomachache if your stomach is weak. People who has Low blood pressure, limit drink tea to 1-2 cups a day.

People who are on the Coumadin (blood thinner for heart) CANNOT drink MATCHA NOR GYOKURO due to the Vitamin K IN THE TEAS. Other blood thinner which does not have diet restrictions, you can drink green tea, of course.

People who has been suffering from arthritic pains, drink red tea twice a day, fare breakfast and lunch. It shows great result among our customer base. They used to take glucosamine and pain killers, they found great result drinking red tea. Great thing is that there is no side effect from drinking red tea. Glucosamine will raise blood pressure but not red tea.

The source of certified organic Matcha green tea directly from Japanese Individual farmers, Haraki Families…

If you are looking for:
Freshly harvested teas
Clean & pristine source
Single farm (not mix with other regions or countries teas)
Family operated
Fairer than fair trade products
Simply organic (of course, certified organic…well it is more like “beyond certified organic”)
Maximum antioxidants and EGCG from the teas
Alkalizing agents

All our products are gluten free and Non-GMO.
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